Corona Unfolding

March 18, 2020

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by Lucinda Winslow

This Covid-19 event is unfolding to me like the petals of a rose.

The outer petals are showy, dense, closest to the thorns of fear thinking, the counting of rising infections and deaths, the incoming tide. Which I do, as a Countess, every day. No one can accuse me of not noticing. Within that, we social distance, cancel piano lessons, choir and events. We do everything we can to protect ourselves and each other. We stock up, but not crazy over the top. (Desist everyone, on the bottled water! This is not, NOT, repeat NOT, a hurricane.) We relax in our private lives. We let go of the Great Doing.

The middle layers, softer, more delicate, are about personal contribution, be it writing what is in my heart as I take the time to restructure Draft 6 of  my novel Fracture, finally embedding the message I meant originally. (ttps:// Or finding music--as lessons halt, as singing together ceases-- to share as in Yo Yo Ma's tender #SongsofComfort ) and of course meanwhile painting the trim that has never been painted, or sorting that pesky sock drawer or digging out invasive grasses in the lawn.

The most profound layers, the tranluscent petals emerging at center, evoke the level of Stillness, of Being, of The Great Comfort, the relaxation of letting go of Doing. It is the layer of transcendent Love. The Source of Music. Source of Acceptance. Source of Forgiveness and Letting Go. If this my time as an older citizen of the earth, then so be it. (It'd be damn frustrating if my dad, 100 and some months beats me out, but hey.) If it is not, then what can happen now? What has this virus gifted us? What can I contribute now that will help? (See layer 2.) And how can we thrive together going forward?

So, friends, fellow travelers and rose lovers, how is this world event unfolding for you? I'd love to know.

(Image from Mercy Center by the Sea, Altar painting by Mary Daly RSM)